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Artist (Painter)

Asami Moriya

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「新鋭作家展 GINZA Tranquille!vol.3」


時間:10:30AM ~8:30 PM

会場:GINZA SIX  Artglorieux GALLERY of TOKYO

   GINZA SIX  5階








会場:六本木 国立新美術館










  People who have seen my artwork say that the creatures I paint are odd yet intriguing.

The main creatures that appear in my paintings are imaginary creatures.

In creating them, I refer to plants and animals.

I also observe the surfaces, textures and shapes of everyday things in my life (for example, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc.) and am inspired to produce the creatures in my art.

From there, I then construct my imaginary creatures to become even more realistically strange and peculiar creatures.

Each of the creatures created in this way inhabit and are part of their environment, surrounded by the world of nature with oceans, mountains, caves, and so on.

The creatures which I present in my paintings are my art.

Metaphorically speaking, each one of my pieces is part of a story of floating planets in space, like the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

Currently, it’s like I’m in the middle of creating stars in space.

I’m hoping to form a massive galaxy by building up the star stories one by one.

  If the stars are my art pieces, then what is space? Is it my life itself? This is still unknown.

Looking back on my artwork up to this point, I feel that I have started to become aware of ‘Motherhood’, ‘Femininity’, ‘Gender’, and ’Life’ as some of my themes.

  Through the perspective of each theme that I discern, I’m creating my space world by producing a variety of stories.

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